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WE ARE  professional.

We have more than 15 years of experiences. We started as  booker, intern, fashion photograper or even as a Model ourselfs.


WE ARE human beings.

We know how you feel. That’s why we care a lot about your safety, comfort and health.


WE ARE honest.

We are not here to promise you heaven and earth. We tell you what you can realistic reach with us in your career and suggest you the best options for your success.


WE ARE transparent.

You ask a question and we answer. We give 100% transparency to our Models and Partners. No lies. No wrong promises.


WE ARE a family.

We work really close and love the feeling of being a family.


Why We're Great >


I feel very safe & happy to be a part of Modelroom. The agency gives me great opportunities and coaching regarding my modeling career. You get the feeling of being in professional hands and that theirs a mutual goal for collaborative success. Greta Barthel has a lot of experience in the industry and the communication is very open, smooth and friendly. ❤️

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